XCMG Rough Terrain 70ton Crane XCR70

XCMG Rough Terrain 70ton Crane XCR70

XCMG official XCR70 rough terrain crane 70 ton mobile crane for sale
70 t rough terrain crane with best lifting capacity in its class. Five-section boom of 45 m, best-in-class working range; min. turning radius of 6.5 m, smallest in its class, better site adaptability; innovative self adjustment of turning angle, multi-mode steering technology, more precise control and more comfortable manipulation; integrated new energy-saving hydraulic system and ECO energy-saving control technology, lower energy consumption and more economical operation cost.

(1)Excellent lifting capacity, wide operating range
The 45 m boom is 2~3 m longer than the competitive products, and lifting performance leads by 5% ~ 20%; three telescoping modes contribute to wider operating range and stronger adaptability.

(2) Energy-saving, economical and efficient
Integrated three energy-saving measures such as new energy-saving hydraulic system, efficient power transmission system and engine ECO mode control, contribute to 15~24% reduction in fuel consumption during operations and 20% while driving at high speeds;

Large displacement dual-variable plunger pump with confluent main valve adopting XCMG patented technology integrated, leads to improvement by 13% in operation efficiency and 20% in fine-control and operation smoothness.

Low speed large torque optimal transmission chain, high power performance, max. travel speed of 40 km/h and max. grade ability of 70% contribute to manoeuver ability and quick job site transfer.
Product Paramenters

Item Unit Parameter
Max. rated lifting capacity t 70
Length of fully-extended boom m 45
Min.turning radius m 6.5
Max. grade ability % 70
Max. travel speed Km/h 40