XCMG XCR30 hydraulic rough terrain crane XCR30

XCMG XCR30 hydraulic rough terrain crane XCR30

XCMG XCR30 hydraulic rough terrain crane XCR30.
1. The total rated loads given in the rated load charts are the maximum lifting capacity when the crane is set up on firm and level ground, which includes the weight of the hook block and slings. The weight of above-mentioned devices should be deducted from the rated lifting load. 

2. The working radius shown in the rated load charts is the radius when the load is lifted off the ground, and it is the actual value including loaded boom deflection. Take boom deflection into consideration before beginning a lifting operation. 

3. A lifting operation is permissible only when the wind force is below grade 5 (instantaneous wind speed is 14.1 m/s, wind pressure is 125 N/m2). 

4. Before beginning lifting operation, the operator should know the weight of the load to be lifted and its working range, and then select proper working conditions. Never operate the crane beyond the limit shown in the chart. Use the lower value from the chart when the boom length or working radius is between the range of values. 

5. Observe the boom angle limit. Never operate the crane with the boom angle beyond the recommended limit even if a load is not being carried. Otherwise, the crane will tip. 

6. The boom should be extended according to the telescoping code shown by digits, which means the percentage of boom sections extended.
Project Unit Parameter
Measurements Parameters    
Wheel Base (mm) 3600
Wheel Track (mm) (Front/Rear)2300/2300
Weight Parameters    
Gross Vehicle Weight When Driving (kg) 27334
Axle Load (kg) (1st axle/2nd axle)13157/13763
Kinetic Paremeter    
Engine Type - B6.7
Engine Net Power (kw/r/min) 145
Driving Parameters    
Max Travel Speed (km/h) 41
Min Travel Speed (km/h) 1.6
Min Turning Radius (m) 9.6
Max Gradeability (%) 78
Min. Ground Clearance of Machine (mm) 345
Approach Angle (°) 20.5
Departure Angle (°) 19.6
Braking Distance (m) 9
Major Performance Parameters    
Max. Rated Lifting Capacity (t) 30
Min. Rated Range (m) 3
Max. Load Moment of Basic Jib (kN·m) 989.8
Radius of Gyration of Turntable Tail (mm) 3823
Longitudinal (m) 6.8
Horizontal (m) 6.8
Max. Lifting Height    
Basic Boom (m) 10.2
Longest Main Boom (m) 34.4
Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom (m) 42.2
Boom Length of Crane    
Basic Boom (m) 10.8
Longest Main Boom (m) 35
Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom + Extension - -
Working Speed    
Max. Slewing Speed (r/min) 2.5
Lifting Speed    
Main Hoisting Mechanism (m/min) 140
Auxiliary Hoisting Mechanism (m/min) 140